Heldergroen keeps your data private
Do we collect your personal data? Yes, we do. But only the data we truly need. Your email address for example, so you can receive our newsletter which you have subscribed to.
Of course, we totally understand you would like to know what data we collect exactly and how we use that information. Below, we will explain which data we collect, to what end and with whom data is shared.

What data do we collect?

Personal data
We collect the data you submit when you subscribe to the newsletter, visit one of our events, hand over your business card, connect with us on LinkedIn, email us or when we are in a business relationship together.

Heldergroen stores your name, contact details (address, phone number, email address and IP address) and your date of birth. When we are in a business relationship, we also store your bank account information, transaction details and participation details.

The rest remains private. We don’t need to know how you voted or what your personal situation looks like, as to health, race or ethnic background. Also, anything you did or didn’t do by the book in the past is none of our business. Special personal data are therefore not processed.

Data when you visit our website
We collect data when you visit our website, like which device you use, the version of your operating system and the settings of the device you use when visiting our website. We also collect data about how you use our website, at which time you visited the site and which topics you viewed. And finally, we also register the open and click-through rate of our newsletter in order to monitor to what extent our newsletter is read.

To what end do we use your personal data?
We use your personal data for the purpose of:

  • informing you about news, events and other relevant topics;
  • carrying out our assignments;
  • attracting and registering participants for our events;
  • sending and saving contact forms and applications through the website;
  • replying to your questions or feedback;
  • improving our website;
  • complying with legal requirements.

With whom do we share this data?
Heldergroen is very careful about your personal data and never shares your details with others without your prior consent. However, we do involve third parties in our service provision, like MailChimp, Gripp, Leadfeeder or a web builder. In so far as necessary, they process personal data as a processor. Heldergroen, as well as the processors, only process this data within the European Union. In addition, our processors are obliged to protect your personal data and store it in a secure way. Therefore, your personal data will never end up, just like that, on the opposite site of the globe, and remains safely with us.

What about Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram?
When you like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram or LinkedIn we register that. In this way we won’t inform you twice about the same story, and just once with something we expect you will find interesting.

We also use email addresses of our customers and relations for Custom Audience targeting through Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. This means we upload the email address of our members to an advertising tool. In this way we create a ‘Custom Audience’ we can link to a specific campaign. As a result, on Facebook or Instagram you will only be shown campaigns by us that are relevant to you. Read more about Custom Audience Targeting.

Not interested in being part of a Custom Audience? No problem, just let us know by emailing us on

What can we do for you?

Editing, deleting or unsubscribing
At any point in time you can inspect the personal data we have of you and ask us to edit or delete something. You can also unsubscribe to the newsletter whenever you want. To this end, you can either use the buttons at the bottom of the newsletter or send us an email on You can also email us if you prefer not to receive any targeted information from us.

Should you no longer wish us to process your data, you can revoke your consent. The data processing which has taken place prior to your revocation will remain legitimate.

You always have the right to ask us to delete your data from our database. However, in some cases we may not be able to comply with your request. We need to keep your name on file, for example, if you no longer wish to be targeted in order to exclude you from future campaigns. Of course, if we cannot delete your data upon your request, we will explain to you why.

Personal data for other bodies
Upon your request, you can obtain your contact, address and bank account details in machine-readable format. For example when you need to give these details to another body.

How safe are your data at Heldergroen?
Heldergroen makes every possible effort to protect your personal data in various ways. We use a secure server, for example, only accessible to our own team. Information you provide in our online forms is transmitted in an encrypted way.

How long is my data stored?
We never store personal data longer than necessary. How long exactly? That depends on the purpose for which we need it:

  • since the tax authorities require us to store our financial records for 7 years, certain financial information will be stored for quite some time.
  • if we have been in a business relationship together, we store your details in Gripp until you send us a request to delete your data. This enables us to inform you about changes in our products or services.
  • information from Google Analytics and Leadfeeder is stored for 26 months.
  • if you have registered for the newsletter, we store your details until you unsubscribe or until the last newsletter has been sent, should we ever decide to terminate that channel.



Heldergroen loves cookies. Not only the organic cookies from the bakery around the corner, but also digital cookies. They help us make our website more personal and user-friendly. A cookie is a simple, tiny file that is stored on the hard drive of your computer. Below you can read which cookies we use and which flavours you can choose from.

Functional cookies
Functional cookies simply ensure that our website functions properly.

Analytical cookies
To monitor when you have visited our website and which pages you viewed, we use Google Analytics, Hotjar and Leadfeeder. That information is used to improve our website, draw up traffic statistics – like the times during the day people visit our website most – and measure which pages are favourite.

Heldergroen uses this data only in aggregated form, meaning combined. This means that the data can never be traced back to you as an individual.

In addition we use Hotjar for ‘analytic user tracking’ and other lead tracking tools like Leadfeeder, in connection with Google Analytics.

In case you prefer the information about your visit to our website is not sent to Google Analytics, you can activate ‘Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on’.

Social media cookies
Through our website you have access to our social media channels. If something piques your interest, so-called social plugins enable you to easily share this information with others. Through social plugins third parties can install cookies on your devices. For example to enhance your user experience or tracking cookies to monitor your surfing behaviour on multiple websites.

Buttons and widgets of Facebook and Twitter, for example, also enable you to easily share information about Heldergroen. These buttons use cookies and are in fact bits of code of the social media channels themselves. The cookie remembers you have already logged in for example, so you don’t have to log in over and over again when you share something. Interested to know how the social media platforms handle your personal data? The privacy statements of these platforms will provide all the information.

In case you prefer your data is not monitored by social media platforms, you can install a programme like Disconnect for Chrome and Firefox which will deactivate this functionality.

Personal advertising
For retargeting we use Google Adwords. In this way we can customise our offer to better suit your interests. For example, if you have expressed interest in one of our campaigns or activities, we can offer you advertisements by Heldergroen on other websites that you might find interesting. To this end, we use tracking cookies and we analyse your previous user behaviour. Based on the tracking cookies we draw up profiles to enable targeted advertising, for example. In ‘my cookie preferences’ you can give your explicit consent for this.

Alter my cookie preferences
Below you find more information about refusing cookies for the most common browsers:

In case you have any questions or comments regarding the privacy statement of Heldergroen, please email us on

In case you have reasonable grounds to suspect we are in conflict with current privacy legislation, you can file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority using this form.

Changes to the privacy statement
We can make changes to this privacy statement at any one time. Please check our privacy statement regularly to stay up-to-date.



August 2019