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By day we work hard on our ideals. Until the clock strikes six. Then we’re done. Always. Our tables magically disappear (psst, we use a smart system that lifts them, but don’t tell anyone) and our office transforms into a sea of possibilities. A place for seminars, yoga lessons, dinners and, believe it or not, even a private cinema. Our innovative outlook on a healthy work-life balance and fitting multifunctional space hasn’t gone unnoticed in the national and international press. Our office was featured on CNN, Anthony Robbins, Herald Tribune, Oprah Winfrey, CCTV, Der Spiegel and Dutch TV talkshow Jinek.


Are you on the look-out for a space to use for your ideals? We would love to discuss the possibilities with you.

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Multi purpose building Haarlem
Fanny Blankers Koenplein 1 2031 VW Haarlem
Location Advertising Agency Heldergroen

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Fanny Blankers-Koenplein 1
2031 VW Haarlem
The Netherlands