Thinkers, doers and settlers who never settle. You’ll find all sorts of people at our office. Each and every one with his or her own talents, skills and expertise. But what brings us all together, every single day, is our common goal: creating an ideal world. And the past fifteen years we’ve already done this for more than 150 brands. Always with a firm belief, with enthusiasm and of course good old-fashioned fun.

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Sander Veenendaal


Myrthe Willems - Heldergroen reclamebureau ?>

Myrthe Willems

Senior Strategist

SIebe ANbeek - Heldergroen reclamebureau ?>

Siebe Anbeek

Senior Copywriter

Jordi van Baaren - Heldergroen reclamebureau ?>

Jordi van Baaren

Lead Designer

Marjolein Doets - Heldergroen reclamebureau ?>

Marjolein Doets

Senior Strategist

Marieke Dekker - Heldergroen ?>

Marieke Dekker

Senior strategist

Fieke van Woerkom - Advertising agency Heldergroen Haarlem ?>

Fieke van Woerkom

Project Manager

Tiesja Huizenga - Heldergroen reclamebureau ?>

Tiesja Huizenga

Office Manager

Jannes Boon - Heldergroen ?>

Jannes Boon


Esmee de Jong - Heldergroen advertising agency Haarlem ?>

Esmee de Jong

Project Manager

Sam van Leeuwen . Heldergroen reclamebureau ?>

Sam van Leeuwen

Project Manager

Charlotte van der Werff - Heldergroen ?>

Charlotte van der Werff


Linda Cuvelier - Heldergroen reclamebureau ?>

Linda Cuvelier

Project Manager

Jan Vesters Heldergroen reclamebureau ?>

Jan Vesters


Jet Ooms - Heldergroen ?>

Jet Ooms


Bianca Elzebroek - Heldergroen ?>

Bianca Elzebroek


Maaike Koeten Heldergroen ?>

Maaike Koeten

Brand Manager

Heldergroen werknemer Rob Duurzaamheid Communicatiebureau ?>

Rob Tummers

Trainer / Business Developer