Powerful brand identity for a complex organisation

On January 1th, 2020 Stichting Sirius and Stichting Bijzonderwijs joined forces and officially merged. Together they a working on a strong, growing consortium of schools offering eductation in every neighbourhood of South-East Amsterdam.

Distinctive, unifying new name: Zonova

Heldergroen is a specialist when it comes to mergers and development of new brand names in the educational field. It was this task that was given us, to come up with a name that would bring together all stakeholders. Besides that, there was need for a strong visual identity with matching digit style sheet. We breathe life into the brand and Heldergroen by laying the strategic fundament during an Ideal World session and came up with a distinctive, unifying new name: Zonova, a playful combination of ZO (from Zuidoost, meaning South-East) and nova, a star that suddenly becomes brighter.

Translation to design and tools

We also incorporated students and parents in the process, to enhance the consensus, and held internal sessions with management of all schools. By doing that we made sure that directly after the merger, the organisation launched with a perfectly fitting new identity. Without missing a beat, we moved forward with the development of the brand manifesto, visual identity and the execution of tools such as e-mail signatures, PowerPoint presentations, business cards and stationery. In the process we created a brand that shines bright on all levels. By helping with the design of the new website we also made sure the positioning online was on par.

Positive movement for students in South-East Amsterdam

9 January 2020 major of Amsterdam Femke Halsema revealed the new name during a celebration to which we delivered the creative concept. It was the festive culmination of a thorough strategic and creative process in which we made Zonova come to life. It’s a brand creating positive movement for students in South-East Amsterdam by offering solid education, a safe base and new perspectives.

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