Wijzonol takes leadership role in the construction world

Sustainability and circularity as corner stones

Wijzonol, and sister brand Ralston, are part of Koninklijke Van Wijhe Verf, a Dutch family business founded in 1916. They operate in a branche that is dominated by huge multinationals. As part of the Dutch construction and development world they are facing a collosal challenge: in 2050 all buildings have to be sustainable.

Powerful manifesto as strategic communication fundament

To establish their ambitious dot on the horizon, we held a series of strategic sessions resulting in a suitable, powerful manifesto. From there we created corporate brand stories for both Wijzonol and Ralston, that led to internal unity and a shared culture. We took the dynamic of innovation, combined with guts, and translated it to distinctive brand communication with a recognizable tone of voice.

Campaigns with a clear vision and goal

‘Open nu je blik voor 2050’ (meaning: open your mind now for 2050, where ‘blik’ means both (paint) can and mind – a clever play on words) became the starting point for all marketing activities and launched Wijzonal as an innovative industry leader. Sustainabilty and circularity are corner stones on the agenda. Wijzonol set themselves a clear target: by 2025 the company wants to be carbon neutral. We supported this ambitious goal with communication, activation and PR, which were picked up en masse by both national press as branch media.


Creating movement in a conservative market

The sustainable paint Wijzonol produces is loved by professional painters. It’s a very loyal user group: traditionally a painter uses their brand for their whole working life. To challenge painters working with different, lesser sustainable brands, we developed campaigns that not only highlighted the quality of the product, but also showed that becoming more environmentally friendly can be as easy as switching brands. Without compromising on quality and result. To create movement in a conservative market, we also successfully targeted whole sale parties and principles, two groups that have an immense influence on the whole branch. 2050 might sound like science fiction, but we brought Wijzonol much closer to their ultimate goal.

Fancy a fresh coat of paint?

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