TNO zie het voor je Human brand campaign shows impact of innovation.

Look through the eyes of TNO and see for yourself.


When you have been extraordinary for so long, you tend to think nothing of it after a while. It was our job to reintroduce the enormous impact the organisation makes, first to TNO itself, followed by the rest of the Netherlands. To this end we developed a new brand strategy, corporate movie, public campaign and internal campaign. The message? Look through the eyes of TNO and envision it.

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From well-known to well-liked

Eight out of every ten Dutch people are familiar with TNO, at least by name. But only one of them knows (reasonably) well what the organisation does, or why that matters. Which is rather strange, when you look at the huge importance of the research organisation for The Netherlands. Thanks to TNO, many people have perhaps crossed a safe bridge today or driven in a street where the air quality has improved. Thanks the institute, doctors and policemen use smart, new technologies, the energy transition accelerates and the government grasps the consequences of its policies. With independent research and smart innovations TNO contributes to a stronger economy and a healthier, safer and more sustainable life.

Claiming successes

For the TNO researchers, mostly scientists, it can be quite difficult to explain the nature of their work. In many cases they work on extremely complex technologies and theories. In addition, the average employee at the institute is too modest to openly take the credits for any accomplishment. How things work and what the future may look like, though, TNO employees can explain like the best. When you look through the eyes of the researchers, you see how well though-out the things are we take for granted. And you can see into the future. Because every day TNO works on the life of tomorrow.


Look through the eyes of TNO and see for yourself.

Focus on impact

That insight formed the basis of our work. Together with a group of engaged TNO employees we developed a new brand strategy with a clear focus on the impact the organisation makes. Our advice: remain critical and humble, but do talk about your achievements more often. Participate in the debate and involve us in your views of the future, show us your visionary nature. The slogan was and will be ‘Innovation for life’. With the corporate film, the public campaign and the internal campaign we developed, we made it clear what that means in practice.


‘Our new manifesto is a wonderful translation of the feeling TNO people share and concisely expresses the reasons they once opted for TNO.’


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