Let Nature do your laundry

Nobody likes doing the laundry. Which is why we gave it a new twist with the product launch of Seepje and the accompanying campaign. With Seepje, you’re using fruit shells for washing. These shells originate from Nepal and produce a natural soap when water is added. That means 100% environment-friendly and clean washing. In this way you can literally use nature to make the world cleaner. We turned the ritual of doing the laundry into something fun by linking it to a positive result and putting that in the centre of all our communication. In addition, we also took care that the design and tone of voice was aligned with the essence of our story. For example, together with design agency Flex/design, we developed a new bottle that has the same shape as a bar of soap. On the packaging we encourage users to invite others to join this positive movement. With success. The design was rewarded with a Red Dot Award and an increase in the number of fans.

Product Range
Super shells

From dark green to mainstream

We started increasing the visibility of the brand by selling the product in concept stores and within the start-up landscape. Then, we discussed with Seepje how we could expand the portfolio on the shelves. As a result, Seepje is no longer a detergent only, but now also a hand soap and all-purpose cleaner. The result? Within a few years, rotation went through the roof and a strong foothold has been established at several large supermarkets. At home and abroad.

Milkbottle bottom Seepje
Seepje with flower
Seepje founders

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