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Love for you, love for the farmer, love for the planet

Lovechock is a raw, vegan, fair-trade chocolate brand with a super loveable proposition: chocolate that loves people and planet. By only using only organic ingredients, keeping the production process as just and environmentally friendly as possible, and by being totally plastic free, Lovechock truly is a brand that’s rocking our sustainable boat.

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Unique brand positioning with
a distinctive tone of voice

We were responsible for both brand identity and brand positioning. We created the manifesto, the brand story, the pay off and online copy. On top of that we also developed the three brand pillars: Love for you, Love for the farmer and Love for the planet. These pillars function as the foundation for all forms of communication, marketing and advertising. 

Brand positioning Lovechock bars

A brand with a love story

The tone of voice was conceived to strengthen both product and brand: light-hearted, funny, personal and compassionate. We told the inspiring, sustainable tale of Lovechock, by showing for example how farmers get a fair price for the cocoa beans, or how by utilizing (or eliminating) certain elements of the process of crafting chocolate, the environmental footprint is kept to an absolute minimum.  Above all, we established Lovechock as a brand with a love story catering to a vast group of dedicated fans and conscious consumers. 

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