How do you get the conservative and traditional car industry to embrace a pioneering innovation from a totally new player? Use your innovation as the foundation for one integrated brand story with a payoff, tone of voice and design that comprehensively underlines your mission. This was the basic principle of how we kick-started ECONAMIQ. For the past few years, this Dutch company has worked very hard behind the scenes on a new technology that enables residual energy from combustion engines, which is normally emitted through the exhaust system, to be reused. The result? Significant savings on fuel and CO2 emission of up to 20%, without making concessions to purchase price or driving pleasure. We helped this great brand with a fresh, clear brand identity, brand story, payoff and design.

Engine block- car industry intelligent design
ECONAMIQ logo animation

Let’s accelerate with ECONAMIQ

The new promise and essence of the brand story. A concise statement that explains what ECONAMIQ stands for and at the same time an appeal to the car industry to begin to move. To open up to new and reliable innovations and to say yes to implementing them. Only in this way can we bring this industry to a higher level.

Brand Identity Econamiq Colors
Brand Identity Econamiq Icons

Basis for an intelligent and authentic design

The essence of the brand story was the starting point for a new logo and visual identity. The new logo emphasises the last two letters of the brand name, in which the Q symbolises a cylinder and together with the I represents the intelligence that is literally covered by the bonnet. Colour-wise we chose a fresh colour, smart green, combined with several shades of blue to create a visual style that positions ECONAMIQ as an innovator in the car industry. We have translated this visual identity into several online and offline means.


ECONAMIQ business cards graphic design

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