The end of linear growth.

The start of circular leadership.


Only 9% of the worldwide economy operates in a circular way. That calls for the system to change. But if you want to realise this as a brand, it requires a strong narrative based on leadership. The top level has to make a move for the masses to be touched. After all, people are only willing to act upon a story they genuinely believe in. Clear visionary leadership is the basis for that. But what does good leadership that gets brand, people and society into motion, look like? To answer that question, we organised the Dutch Circular Leadership Conference together with Dutch Circular Leadership.

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‘The quality of the community will increasingly be determined by the realisation of the sustainable development goals. In that context Circular Leadership is not only desirable, but highly necessary.’


Positive movement for

circular leadership at top level

To jolt the old world awake and announce it is time for circular leadership, we opened the Euronext together with Dutch Circular Leadership. A week later the Dutch Circular Leadership Conference took place. During this event in CIRCL, 100 Dutch top level CEO’s from different industries gathered, complemented by freethinkers and young circular leaders. Among them former prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende, Feike Sijbesma (CEO Royal DSM and elected most influential executive in the Netherlands) and Professor Arnoud Boot. Together they discussed the challenges we are facing and details of the complexity regarding sustainability, inclusiveness and diversity.

‘The challenges of our time require a new type of leadership. Leadership in which the current and the future generations work together closely to leave the world in a better state than they found it. It’s essential to have a mindset geared towards learning, listening well and daring to be vulnerable. This way we can create the framework that will allow the circular economy to come to fruition with all the relevant stakeholders.’


9 principles for circular leadership Minister Kaag at Climate conference COP25, Madrid.

The nine principles for circular leadership.

The event has resulted in a concrete list of nine principles for circular leadership.
These nine principles were presented to Minister Kaag (Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation) during the climate conference COP25 in Madrid.

  1. The voice of the future should be incorporated in the boardroom
  2. We need speed
  3. System follows leadership
  4. Be true to yourself, not to your job title
  5. Use your circle of influence for the better
  6. It’s not about your revenues, it’s about the common revenues
  7. Circular Leadership is a business case
  8. Develop new language
  9. It’s great to be among the frontrunners
Dutch Circular Leadership Conference
Dutch Circular Leadership Conference
CIRCL Amsterdam


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