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Building a strong brand in a market that is under social pressure


Finance is the driver behind the economy. A driver that is now, more than ever, a matter of public debate. The image of banks has been seriously dented over the years. Confidence is gone. So, how can you build a strong brand in such a context? By capitalising on the human factor of the financial sector. With a new positioning based on an internal strategy that realises external movement. Start inside, win outside. Exactly what we did for de Volksbank.

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Abri De Volksbank

De Volksbank: Responding to the need of society

De Volksbank is one of the most socially responsible banks in The Netherlands. They are useful to customers, take responsibility for society, provide meaningfulness to employees and realise a return for the shareholder. In other words, useful banking with a human dimension. This idea was the starting point for the new positioning we developed for de Volksbank. A positioning in which the link between purpose and banking was reinstated under the overarching theme banking is contributing. Contributing to the need of the customer, society and the bank. In good and bad times. Following this new positioning we also developed an introduction campaign and revitalised the existing brand identity in a fresh and modern way.

De Volksbank

How can we contribute?

The introduction campaign consisted of a brand manifesto and an internal kick-off focusing on the question how de Volksbank can contribute in various areas. This content was used as input for a corporate film, new photography guidelines and social content. The result? A campaign people love contributing to.

Banking is Contributing at De Volksbank


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Sustainable Development Goals

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