By clarifying the main trends in your field and using this as a foundation for building a sustainable brand, you can realise success in the long term. For Ahrend for example, we used meta-trends as a basis for developing a new brand identity, manifesto and a campaign creating awareness in the target audience, thus creating momentum.

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From noise to peace and quiet

with Ahrend

There are several trends that have drastically transformed our ways of working these past few years. Just think about open-plan offices, flexible workplaces and technological innovations that allow us to be connected 24/7. The result? We can act faster than ever. But it also has a downside. We are continuously distracted. Stress and burn-outs are more the rule than the exception. This has to change. Together with Ahrend we have accepted the challenge and defined a new mission. We aim to vitalise work by designing workspaces that take into account the need for productivity, diversity, wellbeing and belonging. Together with the four main pillars productivity, diversity, well-being and belonging, this mission formed the starting point for the manifesto and accompanying payoff Vitalising workspaces.

“For over 120 years, we have been passionate about designing workspaces that bridge contradictions. Between easy on the eye and easy on your back. Between planet and profit. Between feeling at home and being at work. Between vitality and workspaces.”


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A call for silence

A minimum of noise, combined with fresh air, daylight and a constant temperature form the ingredients for a healthy, productive working environment. We used this understanding for the launch of the campaign A call for silence. With the campaign we made the target audience aware of their hectic surroundings and we made an appeal to return to silence with the Silence Call, a space that can be used flexibly, allowing you to use the phone without disturbing others. The campaign consisted of a film, website and a special call for silence box (a box for meetings in which smartphones could be kept). The design and tone of voice were inspired by the concepts’ peace, silence and simplicity. Thanks to the campaign we made the target group aware of the current levels of noise and bustle on the office-floor, created focus again and positioned Ahrend as the expert in the field of vitality on the office-floor.

“We notice a huge need for silence. Places that provide peace and quiet for a little while.”

Silence CALL



Silence CALL


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